Invent @ RideSafe

Make a dent in the universe!

Why RideSafe?

America was born with a shot heard around the world, RideSafe was born with a, "Boss, there is no answer on stack overflow for this". We love the round pegs in square holes, with our diverse backgrounds and eccentric preferences, as a team we stand by the following three badges in our work culture, output and hiring:


Genuine pride in work produced sits at the intersection of skill & desire to do it well. When we pick a task, we are aware of the end goal, the impact of it, path to production, and belief in the need to do it. Then we go sharpen our axe, before we cut the tree. Build stuff we are proud of.


"The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep."
-Robert Frost



If you plan to start out on your own soon, or wish to do research worthy of a PhD thesis, or aim to author a public GIT repo in next 2 years which is Top5 watched, or aim to attempt moonshot growth hacks which will fail 4/5 times but the time it works, the blog post on how you did it goes viral, drop us a mail. Radical over Incremental


The founding team comprises of graduates from IIT & BITS-Pilani, with previous experience working with eBay, Google & Amazon. We are advised by the most respected investors and entrepreneurs and have validation with paying customers. We are now building a team to reach escape velocity.


We wish to ensure while you are at RideSafe you are at your productive best, from t=0. Towards this, we do this little things to make your life simple.

Housing + Utilities

Fully furnished housing with all utilities, laundry & maids taken care for you. From Day 0 for free.


Productivity first. Your time is more important than $$$s of investment in your choice of software or hardware


All meals, All days, whatever you want.

No Commute

Office & home is under 5 minutes walk. Take a walk back post lunch for a quick nap.

Dog friendly

We don't discriminate on caste, color, religion, gender but dogs.... Please get one, Pretty please. Bow Bow Please?


We believe it is better to have a small piece of a big pie, than the whole of a small pie alone. We share with love.

Open Positions

Engineering - Backend / Mobile / Frontend

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Work with ex-AWS engineers, contribute to open-source, and set your own deadlines to produce quality work. We prefer git repos, live demos, app store links over CV/Resume. We understand good code is part art & part science, we will ensure you have time for the art & tools for the science.

Data Scientist

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

We accumulate a staggering amount of geo-location data, in a structured & sequenced form. You will be responsible for advancing the product in problem space similar to knapsack & travelling salesman. We prefer if you write your own scripts for analysis, however we don't require you to contribute production code.

Consumer Growth

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Regardless of the buzz word to refer it by, be it Growth Hacker or Content marketer, we need you. We will provide you a playgroud to attempt your moonshot hacks and equip you with the resources to try them. Would love for you to have experience for about a year or more and comfort with running acquisition, activation and re-marketing campaigns in a metric driven approach.

B2B Sales & Marketing

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Tenacious & Persistent would be the defining traits here, even over experience. Excited to sell technology that borders magic & is core to business you are selling to? It will be tough sell, but it will be worthy and long term sell.