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RideSafe is a mobile app, which makes your daily commute safer. It detects deviation from your intended travel route, in realtime!

Route Deviation Detection

At the heart of RideSafe, lies our patent-pending RealTime Route Deviation Detection engine, which we call R2D2 with love, created by a team of IIT & BITS graduates. Just enter your destination when taking a Cab or Auto and rest assured. If the driver deviates from the intended route, we will alert you, your friends & family and our support team.

Zero Hassle Notifications

In every trip, you can select a few contacts and we will send them a FREE SMS, with a trip view link. They don't need the app to view the link. On reaching your destination, automagically a second SMS will notify them of your arrival. No more daily missed calls to family on reaching office :)

Simple Sync Ups!

Meeting a friend? Simply exchange your trip links via SMS/WhatsApp etc. No more calling each other 10 times to ask "Where are you?". Each trip is a new link, so no privacy concerns, and it stops tracking automatically as you arrive on your destination. It just doesn't show your current location, but your path.


Simple. Fast. Functional.